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Spa even with my pregnancy


When we love water, we can't resist, especially with the well-being devices that make us want to go back to find this incredible happiness. The benefits of the spa during pregnancy Always seek the advice of the doctor to avoid worries. For those whose pregnancy exceeds three months, spa can help alleviate your problems of bodily changes as well as stretch marks. But you can also take advantage of 10 minutes of bath in thermal broths to avoid heavy legs and also to relax the muscles, still wrong - be careful to respect this stopwatch because this can cause a drop in blood pressure which will have an impact on the fetus. Unlike for prenatal treatment if the epidural does not interest us. In any case, the tropicspa review sites are not too enthusiastic about this kindness to the pampering in beauty and wellness salons for pregnant women, and yet if the place is clean because you have one, where is the harm besides a little manicure and pedicure, especially the waxing session. Precautions that could harm your baby Although, we have listed the benefits of the spa for pregnant women before, there are steps you can take to avoid putting yourself in harm's way. First of all this limited time which should be taken seriously, but also to be well informed about spa care products as well as those for massage. It is also necessary to regulate the temperature of the water which does not exceed 36 ° C and to avoid the bubbles which could cause premature delivery. Spa or not, it must be said that jacousie in public places can bring bacteria, so the best is to install it in your home, and besides it is good for everyone not just you.

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