Hot tub

Spa tubs for massage !

The large family of spas are divided into several different models and several variations. If previously there was the jacuzzi, it appeared after the swim spas. But the spas of revolution does not stop there. There tubs today. These are spas but of a different kind that can suit everyone and preferable for people with joint health.

What is spa tub?

For the uninitiated this is just a jacuzzi, but a new form or there is a difference between the wave spa tubs and traditional jacuzzis. Indeed, the hot tub is a material made entirely of wood on the outside. It can be made of oak or pine wood but the result should be the same, assembled a wooden tub. At first they are Japanese hot tubs that have been copied and reinterpreted to make it heated tub. Heating precisely, wood or wood stove are used to ensure that the water is always hot while power Jacuzzis are in the majority. It is undeniable that its use has become very popular lately. Since there are various names for this device and the most famous being the hottub or Japanese bath. These names have arisen especially in relation to material and energy used.

Why use a spa tub?

The tube spa, in the original destination was worn in a purely therapeutic purpose. Precisely, it is very effective in treating joint ailments such as chronic rheumatism and arthrosis. Intense tub in the bath are micro-massages with different body parts. Thus previously, the spa tub was intended to cure these diseases in children. But the virtue of the hot tub is recognized worldwide that is currently used to also do hydro massages with new features water jets and even more waves in the tank. All devices were selected to enhance the effectiveness of the device. Anyway, it's always better to have more options if you can afford it.

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