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What are Aquadynamics ?

Aquadynamics, also spelled "aquadynamic" was created in the early 2000s. It is a physical and fun discipline that happens to be a French invention. This discipline has been around the world and is a series of rhythmic activities accessible to all. Buying jacuzzi tubs will allow you to combine relaxation and pleasure.

Aquadynamics, a variation of aquagym

Aquadynamics has the same style as aquagym but more dynamic. Its goal is to work all parts of the body in order to gain muscle tone and thus lose weight. In practice, this discipline is carried out in groups for a period of 45 minutes. Each session consists of 09 sets of exercises, which are presented in order: warm-up, legs / glutes, cardio fun, chest / back / shoulders, adductors / hips, cardio boxing, abdominals / lumbar, arms / forearms, and recovery. These different phases of exercises consist of synchronized movements, including the particularity of a choreography on varied music, but continuously stimulating to motivate the participants. Aquadynamics is an activity registered under a brand license, that is to say that all the centers providing this sport respect the same program. The exercises and accompanying choreographies change quarterly.

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