Hot tub

Jacuzzi tubs for the most amazing relaxation

The perfect way to end a long, tiring day is to soak up in a luxurious whirlpool bath. Whirlpool baths are said to relieve stress, as well as relax muscles that are tired, sore and achy. In the privacy of your own home, using a whirlpool bath is more convenient than using a hot tub in a gym or fitness center. It's relatively simple to learn how to operate jacuzzi bathtubs, giving you more time to soak and have amazing relaxations.

First step

Set the temperature of the water to your room. The temperature control may consist of either a simple knob or an intricate electronic control panel, depending on the make and model of your whirlpool. Set the temperature to between 100 and 102 degrees F for best results. Buy a thermometer from a local pool supply store to monitor your whirlpool bath temperature, if needed.

Second step

Fill the bathtub with water set to your preferred temperature. Air the water a total of two inches higher than the highest jet or water level sensor in your shower.

Third step

Climb carefully into the whirlpool bathtub. Keep something sturdy on while entering the tub to avoid slipping. Sit in the bathroom, and be comfortable.

Fifth step

To turn the pump on and start the whirlpool jets, click the "On / Off" button at the side of the tub. Wait a minute while the pump primes. The jets will come on once the pump is ready.

Advantages of using a jacuzzi bathtub

The soothing powers of hot water have been known for centuries, since people around the globe in cultures used them for relaxation and medicinal purposes. Today, there are advanced jacuzzi tubs and whirlpools in their home which gives modern people the great health benefits of hot water and soothing jets. Enjoy your jacuzzi tub to its minimum utility and collect all the wellbeing from the hot water. Relief from stress and fatigue while reading an interesting novel with a selected wine beside.

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