Hot tub

Taking the art of relaxation to the next level

Looking at the Europeans, I see that they have completely lost the ability to relax. Even so-called "healthy", people have this habit of making exceptions to our reflection.

Embark on the path to perfection

In everyday life, a person is usually confronted with mental and psychological problems. Thought management, you must train yourself to develop a state of inner peace. In ancient times, the wise men of India noticed that those who work with energized muscles form products of disintegration that end in a feeling of fatigue. You are immersed in the silent heat of your own energy. There are no other moments, because time has stopped. Everything is locked up right now.

Need for more happiness

At night, when you lie down in a cool, clean spa tub, feel the density and freshness of the fabric, it feels like the bed is getting warmer and warmer. You hide in the darkness and silence of the night and with your eyes closed, you feel yourself.

The modern man is constantly in business, constantly tense and in a painful state the ideal is to take a hot bath. The child fell painfully and stood up healthily. Some people are in such a state of high tension that it leads to external manifestations, such as muscle tremor. When you really relax, it shakes and but you don't want it to stop.

Respiratory practices

Another way is associated with breathing, concentrating on it, being fully aware of the process of inhalation and exhalation, feeling its heat. This method is very effective, but to really get into your relaxation arsenal, you need to practice a little.

By performing conscious breathing or pranayama, you can obtain such amazing results that after a while, you will only need to take a few cycles of inhalation and exhalation to enter a state called deep relaxation.

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