Hot tub

The time of year to seek the best deals

When is the best time to buy a hot tub? This is a common question as people want to ensure they are purchasing at the best time of the year to get the best hot tub deal, and the most use. As far as price considerations, there tend to be sales in all 4 quarters of the year – the options simply vary. We will briefly discuss what we have historically noted by season, including how a new hot tub can benefit you and your family year around.


This is the season generally considered the kick-off to ‘hot tub season’ with the state fair. This is generally when you tend to see the most comprehensive round of hot tubes for sale events and specials - with the majority, if not all, hot tub retailers offering special pricing or offers. The offers will range from special financing of zero percent to state fair specials that include free products or services, to manufacturers’ offering instant cash rebates, as they also want to kick off the season.The cooler temps during the day lend to getting back outside on the patio, and as the temps cool off even further in the evenings, the thought of soaking in hot water is extremely inviting.


You will generally see discounts on floor model hot tubs as retailers are preparing for the end of the year and looking to ‘reset’ their showroom floor for the new year with product updates from the manufacturer. This is a great time to buy for holiday gifts for the family, or have a hot tub available if you are the ‘host’ house for the family get-togethers. A hot tub can be a great way to connect with extended family - soaking in the hot tub after the family dinner or on Christmas Eve, updating each other on the year’s events!

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