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Why a hot tub is the perfect buy of the summer

The swelling summer sun does not make you imagine jumping in a whirlpool during the afternoons of July or August, however, with some minor modifications, a whirlpool will really be a good time to lie down and relax this summer! Not only is it a perfect opportunity to enjoy a hot tub during the summer, it's also one of the most convenient shopping opportunities if you're talking of making a hot tub on saleto purchase. Why does it happen?

Enjoy this fall, shop now

You don't need the same hot tub that you see on the showroom floor or online when looking comparatively. While the templates are used for deciding the height, interior seat and port for jetting, you will be able to customize those features and finishes after you have selected your hot tub. Our models are specially made for order at Beachcomber Hot Tubs. So you normally have 6-8 weeks to wait. In summer, as the weather begins to cool down your hot tub will be able to set up in early fall and you may want to make more use of it.

Easily built up

The dry, summer and early autumn conditions make the installation of the whirlpool a big deal. Not only when the sun is out much later, it will be much easier for you to prepare space for the heat, even without snow , rain and ice, our team will be able to set up and set up less time and without any extra costs for clearing the road.

Good options for upgrading

Right now, Beachcomber Hot Tubs is offering more than 50 percent off with a 5 year Premium Coverage Guarantee with our Care Free Water Care Program, Security Line, GFCI Breaker and Premium Water Care System. And remember, with our hot tub funding program that gives you the flexibility to control your purchase with super low twin-weekly payment options, you can always decide for a hot-tub and pay later on.

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